David Sowerby West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I am a visual artist, I make mainly object based work, taking influence from my context in terms of the material around me in my daily life and the technology I encounter; I make sculpture that refers to the body and existential narrative.

I strive to connect and project my contextual experience through the matter and forms I use in my sculptural productions. for some time now my routines and employment have supplied my practice with a daily sampling of discarded material, this is my sensory data set, infused with the physical traces of my locality and exertions. As an 'Artist Technician' at the School of Fine Art, University of Leeds, I use tacit knowledge and encourage critical discourse whilst making boxes, stretcher frames, plinths and much more besides. This pedagogical arena of engagement, produces practical refuse and traces of the dialogues of fabrication, which I treasure and re-purpose.

I coalesce and layer, responding to circumstantial structures; my subjective aesthetics and projections of existential narratives develop and shift my approach through the making. Process is employed as a meter which I hope resonates through my work with a structural rhythm and visual lure. My engagement with habitual process develops to create casements, interiors of space surrounded by an exterior shell or skin. Inevitably bodily aspects of physicality and an underlying processing nature is hinted at.

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