Deepa Mann-Kler United Kingdom
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Deepa Mann-Kler is a multi-disciplinary artist, primarily working in neon and creating light installations. Her practice also includes painting, drawing and photography.

Mann-Kler explores concepts of belonging and identity by creating artwork that is deeply rooted in the communities surrounding her. Through this process she reveals her fears, hopes, joy and love in brutally honest work that strives to connect with society at an insistently individual and humane level, where the personal becomes political.

Deepa Mann-Kler has exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions in China, America, Germany and Ireland. Her work for public light festivals include - 2020 Shoefiti featured in Light Up Leicester. In 2019 Artichoke commissioned Shoefiti and Neon Dogs for Lumiere Durham. 2016 Neon Dogs formed part of Lumiere London in Coutts, run by Artichoke. In 2014 she was a recipient of the Creative Industries Innovation Fund awarded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. In 2013 her neon work Teenage Kicks and Neon Dogs were part of Lumiere, run by Artichoke and commissioned by Derry/Londonderry UK City of Culture as their closing public art festival; in the same year she also won Brilliant, run by Artichoke and was also awarded the Individual Artist Award by the Culture Company. From 2011 to 2013 she was artist-in-residence with the Belfast playwright Martin Lynch. In 1984 she won the Olympus & Daily Mirror Young Photographer of the Year. Mann-Kler lives and works in Killyleagh, County Down, Northern Ireland.


Shoefiti, Light & 3D , 2019


Neon Dogs, Neon, 2013, £1190

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