Diana Ali United Kingdom
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I was born in Manchester to Bengali parents and is now based in Nottingham, UK. I actively work nationally and internationally taking my practice to different cities and spaces. She is a visual artist, international curator, creative mentor, art lecturer and tutor, workshop leader, on the board for Nottingham Women's Centre and Axisweb.

My practice involves fictional narratives, a play on found visuals, language and text. This is done through manipulating images, experimental photography, direct animation, analogue film and text. I am interested in correspondence, communication, connectivity and collaboration and this is extended through my international curatorial projects. My current work is about distance stories, travel and identities. I go somewhere, get lost and collect found and hidden images embedding narratives within them. I document stories from my own and others experiences. Some are about political responses and reactions, cultural and language boundaries, human interactions; bringing different fragments of cultures into one space


‘Play’, 8mm found footage from 1960’s, direct animation, projector, 2024


‘Bengali Babble Barriers (Bengali Bera Sera)’, Direct animation, voice overs, experimental video., 2024


‘Kind Regards’, 8mm film projected, found footage, fictional narratives, direct animation, text, 2023


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