Diane Ketteringham West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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An interactive installations artist, engaging with passersby to explore their emotional, social and cultural landscapes and inviting them to break conventions.

We all spring into the world from the home. And different homes catapult us out on different trajectories.

Living happily in Egypt twice, ambivalent short blocks in USA and long sentences in UK, I have been thrown between different cultural takes on well-being, consumption and how we use and share resources and move in shared space.

The latter is not a recognised subject (until recently perhaps) but it should be. I call it Social Choreography and I explore this and the wider theme of 'sharing' through interactive installations that often involve me as one of the interactive parts. How we welcome others (if at all) is another ongoing preoccupation that I explore.

Painting, textiles and audio work sometimes come into all of this too.


You are Welcome!!!, Interactive Installation, 2023


Permission, Interactive Performance, 2017


Love Bank, Interactive Installation, 2019


The Nest, Interactive Installation, 2016


Hoard Works, Interactive Performance, 2013-15


The Room, Interactive Sound Installation and Competition, 2015


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