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I am currently a MA student studying Illustration at Cambridge School of Art. Previously, I studied Ceramics and craft Art at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in China. My work spans sculpture, installation, painting, and illustration. My creative themes mostly revolve around existentialism, the unnoticed cracks in everyday life, and the subtle emotions evoked in humans.

I often pay attention to topics on the edge of reality, such as sexual fetishes, crushed cans, and inappropriate actions. These cracks in normal life inspire me to keep creating. I enjoy expressing emotions through handcraft and painting, as I believe creating things with my hands strengthens my connection with the world.

Although I don't frequently make large sculptures, I am very satisfied with my large-scale installation works. The piece I am most proud of is a sculpture called "Ego Attachment," which was my graduation project. I aimed to represent the Buddhist concept of ego attachment using a soft, massive ceramic installation, highlighting the conflict in the materials. At that time, I was experiencing intense and persistent nerve pain, which anchored me firmly in the reality of the physical world. This pain drove me to explore the nature of existence. Unfortunately, due to some management issues, this piece was never exhibited. I hope to have the opportunity to present it to the audience in the future.


ego attachment, 2021


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Royal Water Society Open call 2024

07/03/2024 — 25/03/2024

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