Emma Bolland South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I am an artist, writer, researcher, and educator who works experimentally across material and language practices.

My work includes an investigation of the problematics and ambiguities of an expanded understanding of translation—between languages and language codes, and between modes of writing, reading and speaking. I am interested in speaking and silencing, social models of disability in relation to exclusion, accessibility, and the 'art world'. I am interested in the intersections of narrative and abstraction, and in environmentally sustainable painting and printmaking practices. I am a co-editor at Gordian Projects, a small press operating at the intersection of artist’s book, literatures, art writing, and archive. I am an Associate Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University on the MFA/MA/BA Fine Art, an Associate Lecturer at the University of Bolton on the BA Fine Art, and a tutor for the Poetry School’s International Programme. My PhD, Scripting Silence: The Expanded Screenplay as Present-Traumatic Language, explores artists' language practices as a tool for depathologising language. I am a member of the advisory board of JAWS Journal, an advisory editor at Gordian Projects, and a co-editor at intergraphia. Contact me for a visual portfolio and see my website for publications and a full CV.

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