Fabio Ferri United Kingdom
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I'm a musician, composer and mathematician based in Bristol. I play in a number of bands and my solo project, with one album and two singles released and the work "Griboyedov Incident" currently in post production. I play (mostly) electric guitar influenced by jazz, experimental music, classical music, rock, folk...breaking the boundaries between genres is the mantra.

Music performing with an eye towards the other forms of art. Collaborations with visual artists and video makers, looking for more work on this. In my solo performances, I play sets of my compositions and improvisations with electric guitar, pedals, loop stations and an assortment of objects, proposing a creative and completely new way to approach the instrument. Synesthesia and response to the environment are important themes for me.


Leviathan, 2022, 1£ for high quality download on bandcamp


The Firebird, 2022, 2£ for the high quality download from bandcamp


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