Jo Brown
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Painter. I came to art comparatively late after a career in teaching, and child raising. BA(Hons) from Sheffield Hallam University. Studio artist at Dean Clough Halifax since 1995. I have exhibited widely since then and have work in public collections. My work is inspired by colour, the natural world, industrial features, pleasure in materials and a need to create an expressive abstract space

My practice is painting and I sometimes drawing and low tech print such as monoprint. I use techniques of layering and juxtaposition to investigate each painterly space. I begin a painting with no fixed idea of the outcome, working in an exploratory intuitive way until the time comes for rational decisions.

Visual ideas emerge from landscape, nature and natural forms , industrial elements and 'edgelands', psychological aspects of all these. I love paint for its material properties that cannot be experienced via a screen. I use oil, acrylic, spray paint, powdered pigment, glue, collage, oil bars, at various times. The material properties of paint, (it can pour, slide, pool, be transparent or thick), and its tangible elements - line, plane, gesture, spatial configuration, process, surface, are what interest me.

Projects and exhibitions



20/05/2017 — 20/06/2017

Touring group show of small works.

The Greenhouse Berlin, Piraeus Museum of Art Athens, Menier Gallery London, Berlin, Athens, London Details


08/10/2014 — 03/01/2015

A solo exhibition of paintings and drawings, recent work.

The Crossley Gallery, Dean Clough, Halifax Details


24/02/2010 — 05/04/2010

As part of the museum's contemporary programme, I made a group of paintings responding to Emily Brontë's poetry, specifically references to weather.

Venue: Bronte Parsonage Museum, Haworth Details
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