Alix Edwards Glamorgan, United Kingdom
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Alix Edwards is a multi-platform artist who uses fiction, spoken word, painting and photography to tell untold stories about motherhood, loss, domestic violence and resilience. Her work gives a voice to primarily to women and children who society has failed or not listened to. It also restores life, energy and emotion to statistics.

Alix Edwards is an emerging multi-platform artist who combines photography, painting, text, installation spoken word to give a voice to disempowered women. Her work explores untold histories, domestic violence, resilience, loss and shame.

“A survivor of domestic violence, I have used photography to highlight situations where legislation has failed those women it is supposed to protect. I use numbers and scientific images as a starting point. Giant child-like canvases remember 29 children murdered during compulsory contact visits. Timed, candle-lit huge giant paintings, ‘Bodyflows’, re-invigorate MRI scans. Eyes shut, I mix paint on canvas; use stories, poems, my fingertips to create new narratives. Instagram series 104 locks highlights 2 women killed per week in England and Wales by domestic violence., Fallen, recently exhibited at g39 in Cardiff explores the etymology of the verb to fall with regard to women with a lifesize woman falling from heaven like a space plunging into the sea and the The Other Side of Sex and On Becoming A Real Woman, recently exhibited at Sexology in Los Angeles challenge society’s double standards when it comes to women and sex.”

“WoMen and Men”, Alix’s first solo exhibition at a dedicated gallery space in Wales, explored different aspects of womanhood in the 20th and 21st Century, ranging from being a War Bride at the end of World War II to surviving domestic violence in London.

Alix is currently researching the fate of 'fallen women' in Wales, generously supported by an Arts Council of Wales research and development grant, in terms of story and psycho-geography, having produced and ongoing series of paintings called Foetus Flowers which celebrate the 'shameful' births of babies in Magdalene Laundries. Alix works intuitively using touch and percussive elements to transfer emotion to the canvas. Responses to site visits and archival research about these forgotten women in Wales include installation Keepsakes, currently on display at Llanover Hall Arts Centre, paintings Whitewashed and Mentally Deficient based on the workhouse where unmarried mothers ended up in Pontypridd and Bereft.


Fallen, acrylics and glitter on canvas, feathers, glitter, 2019, please contact the artist directly to discuss purchasing this work


Projects and exhibitions



27/09/2019 — 02/10/2019

Part of the Women's Arts Association exhibition Keepsakes is a reflection on the Magdalene Laundries

Llanover House Arts Centre, Cardiff Details

WoMen and Men solo exhibition

01/09/2019 — 29/09/2019

Cwtsh Gallery, Newport Details


17/07/2019 — 20/07/2019

Lost babies, broken hearts, stained sheets, severed wings Passed judgements, spoilt apples, tarnished names, washed hands…

This altar piece entitled ‘Fallen’ celebrates the etymology of the verb to ‘fall’ with regards to women and explores how everyday words frame our perceptions. Fallen’s multiple meanings include to pass...

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g39, Cardiff Details

Foetus Flowers


RWCMD Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, Cardiff Details

War Bride

24/05/2019 — 09/07/2019

FaB2, Bath Details
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