Layla Khoo North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I am a multimedia 3D artist, specialising in ceramics. My work is responsive – responding to ideas, events or collections of objects. My work develops from this initial response, considering how this can be represented in a contemporary way within the context of my material practice. I am inspired by objects and work that can evoke a response and curiosity in the viewer.

I often choose to create my work in ceramic for it’s broad range of historical connotations, from everyday tableware, to satire and sculpture. Ceramic objects have a familiarity to them – I find it interesting to expand on that; to bring a new or surprising face to an everyday material. I enjoy the versatility of the material, using clay in it’s plastic form to sculpt and build, or in it’s liquid form to cast objects from moulds. I enjoy the challenge of mould making, and taking an industrial process deigned to make multiples of identical objects, and distorting this process by adding creative individuality.


Insulting, Ceramic, 2017



Submerged , Porcelain, mixed media, 2016



Flying Free, Porcelain , 2017, 240


For sale

Broken Birds, Porcelain, mixed media, 2016, 300


For sale

Projects and exhibitions


Producing Production

07/09/2018 — 09/09/2018

Artist assistant to Clare Twomey during public participatory event creating embroidered banners

TATE Exchange, Tate Modern, London Details

Art and Liberation

03/09/2018 — 19/09/2018

Exhibition of works considering issues around mental health

The Holy Biscuit, Newcastle Details

Ongoing representation

11/02/2018 — 29/09/2018

Ongoing representation and exhibition of works

Silson Contemporary Gallery, Harrogate Details


19/10/2017 — 22/10/2017

Installation artist with participatory demonstrations

York Racecourse, York Details

Factory: The Seen and The Unseen

28/09/2017 — 08/10/2017

"Factory Manager" For Clare Twomey's public participatory event creating a ceramics "factory" in the Tate Exchange

TATE Exchange, Tate Modern, London Details

Ongoing representation

31/07/2017 — 29/09/2018

Ongoing representation and exhibit

Bils & Rye, Kirkbymoorside Details

In The Making

11/06/2017 — 17/06/2017

Final Degree Show

York St John's University, York Details

We Made Something of This

03/04/2017 — 30/09/2017

Limited edition prints of 3D contemporary art

According To McGee, York Details

Humanity is in our hands

15/11/2015 — 27/01/2016

Artist assistant to Clare Twomey in the production and distribution of 2000 porcelain spoons on Holocaust Memorial Day

Westminster Bridge, London Details

Manifest: 10,000 hours

09/02/2015 — 04/06/2017

Artist assistant to Clare Twomey during participatory workshops and installation of the work

CoCA, York Art Gallery, York Details
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