Gil Mualem-Doron United Kingdom
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I am a multi-disciplinary artist, with 15 years of experience of socially engaged art / social practices projects. My work is informed by my Ph.D. thesis, activism and personal experience as a mix race person and migrant. Much of my work concentrates on themes of place and belonging, identify and social justice using photography, digital art and installations.

Throughout my practice I have used art as a means of research, reflection, communication and transgression. My work grew out of his biography, places he have lived in - the history or socio-political conditions that have formed them. The themes of his work are social and political in nature, utilising investigations of the aesthetics of everyday life, urban history, and social justice. Alongside working in traditional studio settings, my work is often participatory and set in schools, community centres, public spaces, and in galleries and museums. I have worked in various media such as digital art, photography, film, installations and performance choosing the media according to the subject or the communities he works with. My work has been exhibited in various galleries and museums in the UK, Europe and the Middle-East, including Tate Modern, the South Bank Centre – London, Pump House Gallery, Liverpool Museum, Brighton Museum of Art, Rich Mix London, ONCA Gallery, Peoples’ History Museum – Manchester, Ha’aretz Museum (IL), East66 Centre for Urbanism - Amsterdam. My work was published in several newspapers, journal and books including The Times, Time Out, Metropolis, Art Leeks and Loud Paper.

"Gil Mualem-Doron seldom shies away from direct action and the catalytic encounter. Whether engaging with questions of identity – about race, class, sexuality, or global displacement and new modes of citizenship - Gil draws us into often-difficult yet urgent public conversations. Using carefully honed agitprop and site-specific performance, Gil is a hugely erudite socially engaged practitioner. A quintessential ‘artist-as-agitator’ encouraging his audience to speak up, participate and radically question the status quo in what are increasingly challenging times."

Áine O’Brien and Almir Koldzic – Co-Directors, Counterpoints Arts

Projects and exhibitions


The New Babylonians

05/09/2018 — 27/09/2018

In The New Babylonians Gil Mualem-Doron presents several socially engaged art pieces, including some previously exhibited at the Tate Modern, Liverpool Museum and the Turner Contemporary.

At the heart of the exhibition is The New Union Flag project, a proposal for a new flag that celebrates the UK’s cultural diversity. The project has...

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