Leanne Cunningham London, United Kingdom
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My work aims to project a representation and rejection of the absolute reality that visual representation can sometimes assume. Through a Sound Arts Practice I am addressing and searching for both the imaginary self and the transparent other, through an expanded field of narrative.

Crossing and stepping within and through the boundaries and structures of public and private spaces, gender, and the hyper-visibility of the one self, through both a truth and mythical dialogue, ​I seek to bridge a gap between the idea of accuracy, the imaginary, and the somewhere in between. The linear and non-linear formations of spaces perceived through language and text, both visible and audible, aim to form new discourses of the imaginary, and the multiple identities that we portray.

The fluctuation between aurality, orality, the written word as visual (text; typed and hand written), and the spoken word through performance suggests an interplay between a singular and a plural self; the heterogeneous that bridges a gap between the idea of sincerity and the imaginary.

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