Bronwin Patrickson Lancashire, United Kingdom
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Digital design and play researcher interested in nature connectivity Design projects include projection mapping, chatbot design and development, interactive media application design

I am a digital designer with a career background in professional media production and research interests in nature connectivity.

Digital media is often seen as somehow separate to nature, but I want to explore how digital media and nature can collaborate to enhance each other. Nature sustains us and yet is also needs us to be more careful, more connected. By enabling us to experience nature in new, accessible and enhanced ways digital applications can be designed to aid, not distract from that relationships. Through my practice I seek to make bridges between outside and inside, human and more than human. I want my creations to express some of the sense of living wild, free of restrictions of houses and streets. My goal is for my work to link the two.

For me, the magic ingredient to bring that link to life is through play. I am an HEA Teaching Fellow with a PhD in playful digital design and a strong belief in the power of play to drive transformative learning. Play is how we learn to interact with others. It can teach us empathy by providing the chance to walk in another's shoes. Play also gives people permission to try out new ways of being. I have previously designed a gamified essay writing helper application. I have also written playful interactive texts. More recently I have been researching nature connectivity.

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Scottish Digital Design Futures Report

02/01/2018 — 01/12/2018

Working with the University of Dundee, SGSAH, Creative Scotland and nine industry partners in 2018, I proposed and researched potential design interventions to support efforts to address fragmentation within Scotland’s digital design industry.

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