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MOD - Marcela Olivia Dorantes an emerging artist that works between London, UK and Washington, DC. Dorantes has been painting since early childhood. MOD examines the interactions of wildlife, domestic animals and humans to express the experience of expansiveness, intimacy, domesticity and remoteness. I spent 15 years rescuing animals. I spent long periods of time in Europe.

My practice in London primarily revolves about Wild Animals in Urban Framework. It’s been gathering momentum for a few years. What is characteristic of this new vision of animals in urban landscapes that appears in this art movement must be its emerging theme, its figurative dimension, its gender inspiration. This art movement aims at integrating wild animals in nature with human in their own self-created nature, the urban environment. Frequently driven by female painters desiring to restore balance and safety in the community more connected with nature, their new representation of humanity reappraises the traditional model inherited by the previous male-dominated projection of nature as The Other. In this movement, Nature is returned from is “Other” status to an integrated “Self” status—a recognition of the ongoing connections among bodies, selves, communities, and cities. This artistic movement finds his function of reflecting a new model of relationship between wild animals and humans. The previous hierarchical order is confronted by a leveling demonstration of animals’ power to compel us to reconceptualize urban spaces. Although WAUF may be first regarded as a reaction against technologic world in so far as its degree of insensibility has caused a space of psychological insecurity, WAUF is not for exclusion of the technological so much as for the inclusion, or re-insertion, or the presence of Nature. (N.D.) The other part of my practice is about At the edge of the ocean. On the beach. Below the waves.

My latest paintings have submerged themselves into my experience of the ocean, my human perspective when it comes to our human effect on the ocean, and my love for animals. Ocean is the mother of us all, and we must open ourselves up to our planet’s oceanic water, its surfaces and its depths, to properly revere our ocean, our animal life, and our ecosystem.

My work and my calling as a travelling artist has been driven my connection with animals, and this must include coming face to face with our sometimes distant but always necessary brethren in the sea. I am still riveted by my earliest memories witnessing the hatching of turtles hatchings near the seashore—this is why I am compelled to sing through my painting a requiem for the loss of shells due to acidity and sea creatures.

The centrality of water united us all. I share the viewpoint of other artists (notably David Hockney) that our mission is to showcase beauty through the act of looking at other life in water, and seeing other beings in the water, and in seeing ourselves in the water.


Longitudes & Latitudes, Oil on Canvas, 2018, 2,000

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