Lydia Griffiths Merseyside, United Kingdom
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Lydia Griffiths is a recent Fine Art Graduate from Newcastle University, also alumni of Concordia University, Montréal, Canada. Lydia explores the intersection of Art and Technology, in both her creative and curatorial practice.

Her work is predominantly installation, combining digital art, sound, light and projection, creating multi-sensory environments. Since 2019, Lydia has been exploring light as its own artistic medium to evoke The Sublime. Lydia has also worked with numerous art organisations, event spaces and galleries across the UK, gaining experience in curation, project management and more. In March 2020 she launched her own virtual residency programme via Instagram called Transient, supporting emerging and established creatives who explore the relationship between Art and Technology.

Projects and exhibitions


Astronomical Light Exhibition


As part of Bloomsbury Festival 2019 I exhibited my installation 'Transient' as part of a collaborative, one night only exhibition with arts collective LUMEN.

The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras, London Details

Matter of FACT Exhibition

19/09/2019 — 29/09/2019

Whilst volunteering at FACT, Liverpool I was given the opportunity to lead an exhibition showcasing artworks by 11 creatives who also volunteer at the gallery. The exhibition celebrated inclusiveness by bringing together creatives from all stages of their practice highlighting that people working within gallery spaces more than likely have a...

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OUTPUT Gallery, Liverpool Details

Transpire Visual Art & Music Event

19/07/2019 — 20/07/2019

In collaboration with local collective Northernport we curated a night of art and music. With the aim to combine music and art in a fully immersive experience I brought a visual installation to the space and hypnotic looped projections focusing on otherworldly landscapes.

Brick Street, Liverpool Details
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