Louise Claudette East Sussex, United Kingdom
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Currently based in Brighton, completing my final year studying BA Fine Art: Printmaking. Originally from South London my practice centres around documenting memory in relation to architecture.

Artist Statement – Art Life Presents Zine Soon to be demolished spaces are documented by combing gathered pieces of debris taken from the space The found objects are a physical piece of factual information about the place and peoples actions within it. The unknown narrative of who dropped or fly tipped the objects and why, is extended by removing the object from the space and then using it to create artwork. Blurring the lines between printmaking and sculpture, some of the works created can be thought of as two dimensional due to their traditional hanging on the gallery wall, other works will be site specific three dimensional installations, placed back into the space the images and objects originally were taken. either placing it back in the original area or exhibiting it in a gallery space. The additional unknown narrative of what will happen to the site specific work after it is installed is also central to the work as it might be physically interacted with by another individual experiencing the space, for example thrown away by a refuse collector or cleaner. Thick layers of visual information create a haphazard, multi-angled representation of the psycho-geographic experience of the space. Digital printing as well as traditional printmaking methods, paint and Biro drawing are collaged onto found objects. Using crude fly-posting techniques after each image is ripped and manipulated by hand to create distinctive rough edges and lines in the work.

An online call to action will connect me to individuals willing to donate their memories towards the documentation process. Walking around the space these individuals will be kept anonymous, but stories that pop up due to the visual trigger of the building will projected to a wider audience through letterpress prints of quotes. Highlighting everyday experiences linked to a soon to be knocked down building, aims to connect the typically white middle class gallery goer with those affected by displacement and gentrification in London.

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