FI HILL United Kingdom
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A recent MA Graduate interested in colour, the way light and movement/scale change perception of colour. Inspired by the principles of Reuse/Recycle, Permaculture Gardening, I'm a 'magpie', exploring 'something from nothing', time passing during a process. Each body of work I produce is varied but I'm looking at the same factors; how colour and light affects (inside/outside) things.

I did the BA/MA in Fine Art thinking I would paint, but instead I am dealing with 3D, immersive spaces (when I can get hold of a projector!), layering images over 3D objects or projecting alongside to make progression through a space experiential. I re-use materials as much as I can and with an interest in recycling, have brought it into my own practice by recycling objects/materials from one work to the next, each new work producing a different 'experience' each time, and a new set of abstract images each time which have their own life as digital backdrops/screensavers/stand-alone abstract images. I live for colour. A generous donation of used dichroic vinyl for my MA Show has provided endless inspiration and has led to experiments with dichroic filters which will in turn feed back into new work. This way of working meant I was self-sufficient during Lockdown; I need sunshine or a strong light-source to create images, and the weather was just perfect!

(My website is shortly due to be updated with images from my MA Show)...


Latest Works, 3D immersive installation/projection/images through a rainbow filter, 2020


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