Fiona Campbell Somerset, United Kingdom
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I'm an artist, educator and curator. I create sculptural installations, using recycled and found materials. At the root of my practice is the notion of interconnectedness, with a focus on environmental concerns about human exploitation of nature. Projects include step in stone '15 and B-Wing '19. Awards: RSS Gilbert Bayes Award ’19 and Red Line Art Works global award '20. MFA; MRSS

Treating line as object, I create artworks that blur boundaries between sculpture, drawing and installation - hybrids that extend line from plane as 3d form.  At the root of my practice is the notion of interconnectedness throughout nature, energy, life’s cyclical persistence and transformation.  I am interested in tentacularity - ‘life lived along lines... a series of interlaced trails’ (Donna Haraway, 2016).

Materiality and process are central - the work is hand-made and labour-intensive.  My use of recycled and found materials (industrial and organic) relates to our relationship with matter, nature, and ourselves. Collecting objects and materials is intrinsic to the process - material as message.  Always experimenting with a variety of mediums, the juxtaposition of metal, especially steel and copper, is often combined with fragile materials such as paper, textiles and wax.

Increasingly, environmental concerns about human exploitation of nature and over-consumption inform the content.  My recent approach has been a form of suturing, a cathartic attempt to repair in response to world destruction.

Social engagement is a part of my practice. I teach and curate community art projects in unexpected places.

Upcoming events

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    Together We Rise

      Chichester Cathedral  |    Exhibition  |    31/07/2022 to 06/09/2022

    Major exhibition of artworks by Royal Society of Sculptors members in Chichester Cathedral, curated by Jacquiline Creswell. The work responds to the artists’ experience of the pandemic, their resilience, sense of community and collective hope.

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    The Gleaning

      St Peter & St Paul’s Church  |    Exhibition  |    22/09/2022 to 09/10/2022

    Collaborative community arts project leading to an exhibition with events during Somerset Art Weeks Festival, celebrating diversity, connectivity, and the environment. Co-curated by Fiona Campbell and Gill Sakakini, large-scale translucent textile artworks will be suspended in front of clear glass windows in Shepton Mallet’s beautiful 12th century church.

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