Kurtis L Perrigo Lancashire, United Kingdom
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I am a self taught sculptor of stainless steel pieces, I have been a metal polisher for over 20 yrs and have worked with all types of metal

Due to personal circumstances I made the choice last year , Jan 2016 , to design and make by hand stainless steel sculptures, from the cutting and shaping of the metal to welding and polishing all my work is 100% hand made, I sometimes use heat treatment on the finished piece to enhance the look, I sign and date all my pieces, when I first started most of my pieces were made from my love of the sea and surfing, but am now moving on to other ideas such as insects etc, I had some of my work printed in Art Reveal magazine No. 25, which I was very proud of, I am in my workshop every day making designs for future pieces and, because all my larger pieces are made from dozens of piece of stainless steel plate and tubing I like to keep all the pieces in its own space for future work, I love to sculpture my ideas see them progress as each day passes and the pride at the finished piece, which is unique.

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