Carolyn Curtis Magri West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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BA (Hons) Painting, MA Art and Design, M. Phil Fine Art Art Practice: Drawing, sculpture, painting, digital prints, installation Studio: Artsmill, Linden Mill, Hebden Bridge Teaching: Offender Learning, Further Education, Community Work

My work is informed by the microscopic marks and images ;used in forensics. I am not a forensic artist but a Fine Artist using forensic traces that are in the public domain and from which my drawings evolve. These range from the micro to the macro, from tiny traces on tape to drawings on elephantine sheets of mixed-media paper. The work can take from 3 minutes to 3 months to complete. I use an ever evolving system of abstract signs and symbols in imagined topographies working towards or away from embossed scars and edges. Small sculptures are made from paint left on artists' discarded palettes, the debris of society, syringes and spoons, are included in installations. Dust is collected from significant spaces tracing the other side of fame. I am accused of deceiving the viewer - with work which can look like a map but is, in fact, a cross section of prison loaf or the knot in a tree where something has been hidden. Postcards call attention to things that remain hidden from view and seek to be found. I am currently working with gravestone tributes.

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