lois palframan South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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monthly drawings on 20 x 20cm canvas panels. Connection to nature. I live and work at Unstone Grange retreat centre, Derbyshire with a 5 acre garden. I work to maintain the place- me and nature, we support each other. The drawings we make are freeing, interesting, helpful, beautiful, minimal, spiritual, for me. I grow flowers for colour in the garden and use them to make drawings.


ROMANTIC 1960 Appreciation, Beauty, Appropriation. ‘The God Father made them all’. Mad unthinking woman. Doodle drawings.

SCIENTIFIC 1980 Environmental Science. Ecology, permaculture, climate change, biodiversity. Representation, figuration. women are nature and must be experimented on, punished, controlled.

Figuration/-Abstraction Cezanne Abstract drawings.

SHAMANIC 2000 Energetic, Imaginative, Philosophical. Haraway, Castaneda, D’Aoust. Spirit. Woman and nature are allies, intelligent together for survival, freeing each other. Drawings with/by nature.

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