Lucy Churchill North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Lucy Churchill's taboo-breaking sculpture is as beautiful & finely crafted as it is confrontational. With a frank female gaze she addresses women’s sexuality and the right to body-autonomy using a visual language that is original whilst referencing diverse cultural imagery.

I create uniquely feminine sculptures in stone, bone, metals and plastics. Using both ancient hand-tool skills and cutting-edge modern technology I create startlingly original, timeless sculptures. They invite quiet contemplation and stimulate dialogue.

My fine-art practice has evolved from a 25 year career in the architectural stonecarving and memorial trade. Playing freely with my traditional carving skills I create sculptures that are fresh and tactile.

My carvings in stone and bone are often a starting point for further development. I use 3D scanning and printing to reinterpret my sculptures at different scales. These pieces become jewellery and portable artworks to inspire, soothe - raising funds and awareness for women’s rights and well-being.


Anasyrma / Vulval Madonna, Caen Limestone, 2021


Life Death Rebirth, Caen Limestone with bone nipple inserts on a marble base., 2023


The Sacred Wound (dyptych), Caen Limestone with Red Sandstone base., 2021


The Healing Touch (Sacred Wound diptych), Caen Limestone with Red Sandstone base., 2021


Head of Girl (Jeanne d'Arc), Ancaster Limestone, 2020


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