Martha Kelsey Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
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Painting, drawing, digital and print, plus engagement and outreach work. The built world, architecture and relics are at the centre of my practice. My work can be read at face value or more deeply; that is, as a reflection of the cyclical nature of human triumphs and struggles — the futile repetition of construction, dominion, decay and redundancy that is traced by the objects we leave behind.

My work takes inspiration from worldly places, relics and histories. Beginning with a reference point, I will use a chosen medium to create a new composition, which feels both placeless and timeless. I use traditional mediums and also experiment, including with digital applications.

Often working in a series, I explore a particular facet of the modern world by looking to the past, extrapolating what I can of human nature using the unlikely and assumed inert reference point of a stone building or carved sculpture. The aim is to work subtly to reveal something of our present selves. By manipulating the visual language of the built world we have inherited, my practice seeks to connect the past with the present. My works could be ghosts or they could be prophecies; the decision is yours.

I have worked in Arts and education settings, in the following areas: Creative Production, Engagement & Outreach, Community enrichment projects, Art and Collections care and handling, Artist Commissions, Youth and Community Participation, Co-Production of services within the local authority.

I trained at Bath Spa University, graduating in 2016 with a 1st Class BA (Hons) Creative Arts. Since then, I have worked with the following organisations:

-Meadow Arts -The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust -The Cheltenham Trust -Gloucester History Festival -Artspace, Lifespace, Bristol -Gloucestershire County Council -Science UK Limited


Kilpeck, GIF animation, 2021


Aston, GIF animation, 2021


Shobdon, GIF animation, 2021


Persephone, Oil on panel, 2020



Astrum, Oil on panel, 2020



Acanthus, Oil on panel, 2020



Projects and exhibitions


Little Cures

12/01/2022 — ongoing

Online exhibition exploring 'Melancholy' and the work of John Hall, physician. I worked as curator. The work of 5 contemporary artists were placed inside Hall's 16th century home and dispensary, the juxtapositions between new and old shining a light on how mental health and 'melancholy' prevail in the work of today's younger generations. ALL...

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Halls Croft, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (online sharing), Stratford-Upon-Avon Details

Artists in THEIR Residence

03/05/2021 — 31/05/2021

Online sharing of my month-long home residency, commissioned by The Cheltenham Trust, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Exploring the quiet strength of local women by reimagining the local 'Caryatid' sculptures in Cheltenham's Montpellier district.

The Wilson Art Gallery and Museum (online), Cheltenham Details

RURALitites/ Mirrors in Stone

01/05/2021 — 27/06/2021

An exhibition to show the RURALities Digital Commission with Meadow Arts, exploring rural culture, specifically through reimagining local, ancient architecture as playful, accessible GIF animations.

Hereford Museum and Art Gallery/online Meadow Arts Website, Hereford Details
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