Mary Rouncefield United Kingdom
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Mary Rouncefield works as a freelance artist, having graduated as a mature student from the University of the West of England, in 2009. She has exhibited extensively in UK and abroad. Exhibitions include the Passion For Freedom Festival in 2016, Hatched 2017 in Oxford and Shape Open, 2018. Her work reflects her interests ranging from Human Rights, the rights of women , mathematics and science.

I work in both drawing and print , incorporating a variety of media and focussing on human rights issues and the environment. I have a large body of work exploring human trafficking, migration, FGM, child marriage, and the right of every child to have an education which will expand their opportunities and skills. I strongly believe in making work which will speak out against violence and oppression. Most recently I have exhibited at Gallery 44AD Open Print, in Bath, and ‘Creative Reactions’ at North Gallery and The Island, in Bristol. In a recent project, I was partnered with an epidemiologist working with the ‘Children of The Nineties’ cohort and our focus was on ‘risky behaviours’ among teenagers and later consequences of those in terms of future health and life-chances. My ‘Campaign Boots’ were exhibited in ‘Threads’ at Dundas Street Gallery in Edinburgh, during Women’s History Week, 2019, (and previously in ‘Passion For Freedom’ at the Mall Galleries, London.) I have painted 'live' at Upfest in Bristol and 2022, will be my 5th appearance there.


Pollination, acrylic on canvas, 2022


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