Matt Davies United Kingdom
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I am primarily a painter but also delve into the mediums of screen printing and collage. I am based in Manchester, UK

My work develops from found and sought images originating from endless media resources. Magazines, old newspaper clippings, photographs are collected from outings, tangential research and my immediate surroundings.

‘Mal-adjusted’with colour and shape, my works are constructed from an image or an initial sketch and a sense of intuitiveness and immediacy is maintained within the final work.

When the adaptation onto canvas is inappropriate the painting becomes a battle. Further content is added to improve the compositional arrangement, deletion of specific areas and layers are applied.

Revealing the tension between the subject matter- I rely on the medium of photography to capture a split second moment in time , immortalising that moment in the medium of paint.

Using multiple photographic images within one painting intentionally creates misshapen relationships and narratives. These characteristics create a refreshing painting style that is consumed with influence, contemporary issues and visual culture

Upcoming events

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    Beginners Experimental Screen printing course

      The Boo  |    Workshop  |    27/05/2022

    Open to everyone but especially for beginners. All ages welcome.

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