Maybelle Peters United Kingdom
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I am a London-based artist working across analogue and digital processes to explore connections between labour, race and technology. My interest in animation techniques, theory and practice has influenced a current body of work that uses computer generated images (CGI) and film. I incorporate craft, gardening and walking as entanglements of history, place and identity.

My practice draws on personal archival material and oral histories as a tool and method. I use multiple techniques found in crafting, gardening and animation to create a non-specialised form of making. This approach aims to explore how ideas of stratified gendered and racialised identities are contested. I look at labour across different locations and histories which are interwoven with familial and relational stories.

These procedures become ways to connect missing and fragmented narratives. I am interested in stitching together absent presences. At times this is literal with knitting, threading and sewing; at other times, I build computer models using existing characters found in 3D software programs. I walk to place myself in a landscape that is often both familiar and strange. It is a process that affects the visual language I constantly seek to make and the physical ties I attempt to re-establish. My interest in psychogeographic mapping practices has influenced my work.


Attention, Absorption, Installation, 2022


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