Maureen Jordan Kent, United Kingdom
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I am a Northern Irish artist, born in Belfast, now based in Kent. My work is rooted in cultural identity: “The early life-experience is central ….you aren’t so much trying to describe it as trying to locate it….. like putting your hand into a nest and finding something beginning to hatch out in your head”. Seamus Heaney I respond to the influences, stories, voices that shape people and place

Reclaimed materials and found objects often retain the scars and marks of their former use and abuse. They can be given a new energy charge when reframed in a different context. Sometimes incorporating materials held to have greater value I draw on the contrast to reflect the tension between the sacred and the banal.

A background in theatre influences my practice: objects are like props with memories embedded: discarded beds speak of fantasies or nightmares, old roof tiles become a river of glass flowing into light; vintage milk bottles reflect a more innocent time, before the Fall.

The physical act of making artwork is a renegotiation, a way of thinking, of reading the world and being more fully in it, and of bearing witness to a time and place.

PLACE: physical space, cultural identity, territory, perception, emotional connection. NARRATIVES: stories, histories, mythologies, beliefs, poetry TRANSFORMATION: altered objects, the sacred/banal, metamorphosis.

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