Neale Willis London, United Kingdom
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I am particularly interested in creating conflict between what enters the machine and what leaves it. By manipulating data to create ambiguities within the certainties of the digital realm, it's possible to breed uncertainty from the usually reassuring definite of binary data and letting repetition and replication take form as a rhythm from the space in-between the known and unknown.


Pardon the dust (09/03/2016, 13:44-13:47), Sound, installation, sculpture, 2016


What Language the Fox, Sound, installation, 2016


helloWorld, Sound, installation, sculpture , 2015


Previous projects


As Above So Below

28/10/2016 to 31/10/2016

Allenheads Contemporary Arts Details

Sanctuary Lab

23/09/2017 to 24/09/2017

"Sanctuary is a 24-hour site-specific public art event that explores what happens when environment, art, technology, science and culture meet. Sanctuary creates an experimental space for new work ranging from performance and interactive installations to sound works, video projections and radio transmissions. Artists and audience come together...

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Galloway Dark Skies Park Details

Machine Made: Art, Robots and AI

01/07/2017 to 10/09/2017

"Since the dawn of the Information Age scientists, technologists and artists have been working with machines or programmes to produce artworks. As innovation continues at a rapid pace and access to technology becomes widespread, artists have more opportunities than ever to experiment with new ways of producing art.

This exhibition presents...

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DerbyQuad, Derby Details
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