Pamela Thorby Ceramics North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Distinguished musician turned artist Pamela Thorby aims to create ‘visual music’ in clay. Currently making high fired porcelain sculptural vessels, imagined but reminiscent of a multiplicity of organic forms. Connecting head, heart and hands, the medium of ceramics presents Pamela with related opportunities to explore concepts of perception, time and ‘the stuff of which we are made’.

Interstellar, fossilized, coral or microbial? In whichever way these sculptural forms resonate with the viewer, there is inevitability in their making, a continuation from one outlet of creativity to another. “The use of touch, feeling, pressure, line, timing, give and take and walking a tightrope of potential catastrophe are all elements well known to me from my previous experiences as a performer. Carrying those skills on in a new, tangible form in a medium consisting of material of which we are all made, has opened up many new rooms of imagination for me. When I am in the flow of making, my hands find the form before my brain realises what I have created. My experience of making music has led me directly and inevitably to the rhythmic forms unlocked by the tension and release of my hands on the clay.’


Sculptural porcelain 2019 by Pamela Thorby, Porcelain, 2019


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