Phoebe Thomasson Dorset, United Kingdom
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I used painting as a kind of self-help therapy for years before pursuing a dedicated painting practice. Art is now a staple in my creative diet and abstract is my favourite dish! I seek to feed the world with art! Its a challenge and a calling as I believe in the power of making art to evoke healing and move us into higher states of consciousness. I think of art as my vehicle to enlightenment.

My imagination is a very fertile place, for which I am blessed, but it wasn't always so! My work over the years has been an intimate and deeply personal journey of healing from a mental health trauma that left me deeply out of sync with the world. I found my way home through painting, in particular. My relationship with painting is not very easy to describe, and it is probably this way for all artists who feel a deep calling to this art form, as it can be deeply introspective and solitary. I balance these times with my love of writing, and music too. They all work in conjunction with and often feed my creative imagination as I'm using language and sound to constantly augment my reality. I like to think of myself as an apprentice Shaman in training, with the brush and the canvas as my master, and the muse as my drill sergeant!


Beach Hut, 2020


We dance until dawn, 2020


Dreams of Portland, Oil on canvas, 2020


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