Rita Mariana Benavides United Kingdom
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I am Mexican Artist based in the UK, I have been painting since I was 14 years old. Bright Colors, Different type of faces trying to communicate a feeling , an emotion. Attracted to different cultures and Art in all their disciplines.

Time has been helping me develop with time my practice in Art all self taught, all a big experience. Mexico, A latin american country that gives you the pleasure of growing up with lots of light, you develop a beautiful passion about color, at the market, fresh fruit, the shades of our different fresh fruit, the fresh cut flowers , and the sun and the tremendous vivid colors around you.

I have been always curious for Art, my passion as I always explain, not just the passion of living to paint but the passion for see whats around me, what others create . My practice thanks to my curiosity , my self taught paintings always carried materials that I would discover in my imagination and would look for them at the store explaining how could I create something similar , that inspiration developed through the years my creation, my faces.

My faces are the complete description of my work. The are atypical , quaint, full of color, showy and you can feel they call you. They are a mirror for emotion. Oil pastel, pigment bars, inks, neon spray paints, all playful work together covering acrylic and oil bases on canvas , thick paper or clay. All materials always help each others color shine even more, there is not a rule, everything goes, everything always plays a specific role on the scenario.

My practice has been changing through the years, all part of my own evolution as a human being. My paintings call you, theres a mysterious and attractive way of calling you.

I have never been afraid of rejection. Always knowing I had a talent and that even if I couldn't be part of an art institution I was having a huge imagination in my head calling me to do other things about it , and I did it and I fall in love with the materials, you fall in love with texture, with color, with the purpose of putting an idea or a story, that has been my duty as an artist and everyday I work for keeping up with it.




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