Sophie Purchase Midlothian, United Kingdom
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Sophie Purchase (b.1993) is an artist and facilitator based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

My practice examines the shared characteristics of social performance and art performance, using a multi- disciplinary approach to create installations aiming to capture, organise and reproduce the seemingly casual or unplanned. Works seek to deconstruct and examine unknowingly scripted routines, using artistic and academic research as impetus. I have an interest in how performances are preserved, recognised and curated. Unnoticed fingerprints on windows, a well- placed book pile or carefully indented cushions; all are markers to be perceived, whether accidental or constructed by their maker. An interest in museological practice and exhibition-making informs how these performances and their remnants can be displayed, categorised and engaged with.


fingers/thumbs, Digital collage, 2019


People to see/places to go, Instruction/digital print, 2019


List all the words and phrases you use too often, Instruction/print, 2020


Let talk about the weather, Participatory performance, 2015


LUCKY U , Textile/Visual Art, 2020


Tell me about it, Textile/Visual Art, 2020


Soft Ask, Textile/Visual Art, 2022


Projects and exhibitions


Friendly User

01/06/2020 — 31/08/2020

'Friendly User' produced as part of MA Contemporary Art Theory keystone project.

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Womp Space Residency

15/03/2020 — 21/03/2020

Residency as part of SOFA Programme

Womp Space, Sheffield, Sheffield Details
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