Sue Pavlovich Australia
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Sue Pavlovich is a convenor of sociality. To her the exhibition is a construction of memories by the participant, and the built environment of the artworks are the agents which inspire memories to arise. They are an Australian who has, international practice links. Commitment to sociality links their art practice, roles as an art educator, curator and active developer of artist led spaces.

Sue Pavlovich’s work opens up references to ‘slow sociality’, in its relationship between observer and participant through a subtle entanglement with art located in action. In leading the participant in discovery her work subvertly challenges the position of the artist and formal site of the gallery. Engagement and observation of the private and public self within a socially constructed space, based on Nicholas Bourriaud’s Relational Aesthetics. Their installation places the audience in the position of both observer and participant. To participate by covering oneself in a cloth object is to surrender part of the sensory apparatus of the body. In doing so, visual and audible perception is dramatically altered. Movement is limited while other senses such as touch are heightened. This altered awareness, familiar to early childhood play or meditative stillness, opens up states of reflectiveness, half-forgotten dreams or memory; a psychological space common to us all.


Sensorium, Participatory installation, 2015-20


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