Jeff Hunter United Kingdom
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Having had a long break from creative work I have now returned to my practice. I work in a range of media .... mainly drawing .... on card, paper, wood and ceramics. In 2018 I completed an installation called The Tea Garden comprising drawings on 100 reclaimed plates. In 2019 I have been working both in monochrome and colour exploring my perennial theme of the Sacred Imagination.

Working in a range of media my central theme is the Sacred as it manifests via the Imagination in the human and more than human realms. My work explores such themes as: Vision. Pilgrimage. Threshold. Departure, Journey and Arrival. Garden. Temple. Fountain. Spring. Tree. Star. Bridge. Threshold. Blessing. Guide, Angel and Daemon. Soul. Ladder and Circle. Ascent and Descent. Incantation, invocation and Evocation. Heart.

Imagination is the real and eternal world of which this vegetable universe is but a faint shadow. (William Blake)