Karen Tobias-Green West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I write short fiction and poetry. I’m published online, in print, and placed in regional/ national poetry competitions. I write for online arts & culture journals. I wrote (now teach) creative writing at Leeds Arts Uni. I teach postgrads how to make writing part of a creative practice. My doctoral research was on writing, art, power & normalcy- and I’m a fan of post-humanist theory.

My stories rarely have endings because- why tie it down? My fiction tends to deal with the unseen, unexpected, off-screen moments when everything changes and no one’s quite sure how, or what the consequences may be. My poetry draws on the times and places I grew up in, on working class culture and on various ways of living and being. I write a lot about other writers, and artists, especially in my online reviews and interviews. I’ve written for Corridor8, Printmaking Today, The State of the Arts and Structo magazine amongst others. I work a lot with visual artists, musicians and performers and this informs my teaching of creative wring and my own writing practice. I take photographs (some have been exhibited) of urban landscapes, and I use these visual prompts to make more words. I'm interested in visual/textual/performance collaboration opportunities.

The Little Park

The little park We called it that Though there was not one bigger. The moss strewn grass The rusting swing The road tearing by like a river. The slippery slide The ice cream van The roar of children’s voices. The shading trees The single bench The unforgiving choices.

A runner up, Winchester Poetry prize 2019. Shout out for the short poem.

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