Case Study: ARTbound

ARTbound is an arts organisation, developed and managed by photographer and curator, Meg Oxford. It began in 2014 and primarily creates events and exhibitions, by building partnerships with other art organisations, galleries and creative venues, to support artists in showing and selling their work.

"ARTbound operates as a membership platform which helps us to fund our collaborations, and we offer members benefits and incentives to further help them along their creative career path and participate in more creative events. Throughout the years, ARTbound developed by closely listening to the artists we work with, finding out their needs and desires and growing the services we offer to fulfil those needs as a community-minded arts organisation.

Initially we found social media and word-of-mouth to be useful tools for finding new artists. However, as the organisation grew, this presented another challenge. Receiving submissions via email, storing files, making notes and collating contacts was a long process. Since we started using CuratorSpace, we’ve been able to minimise this time by instantly being able to see the amount of received submissions, and the use of group messaging and viewing of each category helps us to manage this process quickly and easily.

By taking the pressure out of the admin of event management, CuratorSpace allows us to spend more time planning, and searching for new venues, galleries and partners knowing that any current opportunity call out or any correspondences from applicants is under control.

CuratorSpace is a very clear and easy-to-use platform, there’s always someone on hand to help if we need it, and we particularly like being able to see which submissions have been accepted or are still pending, so we can keep on top of our workload. We have found lots of new artists to participate in our events and exhibitions, some of whom have become regular exhibitors of our shows, but we’re always interested in finding more!"

You can find out more about ARTbound and their current opportunities here:


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