Curating a cardboard box 2 : exhibition in a mini gallery open for students and emerging artists

Deadline: 29/06/2021  |  Published: 29/12/2020  |  City: Wigan  |  Region: Greater Manchester  |  Country: United Kingdom  |  C.B.M galleries

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C.B.M galleries is a collection of micro galleries that look almost exactly like a cardboard box and one tiny tin. My name is Jack and I'll be your host.

This opportunity is for students and emerging artists or simply people who like to make pretty pictures. If you struggle to get shows in those high end places that have become coveted, don't worry I've got you because here at C.B.M galleries, we accept artists at any point in their career.

Originally there was only one but micro galleries have a tendency to multiply now there's three. All galleries have a variety of different floor options available are completely portable and most of all 100% recyclable for extra brownie points. Long story short it all started during a residency as a way to exhibit students work and at 27 shows in(at time of typing this) it has very much become a thing

Remember it may look small but it's bigger on the inside.

The rule is if it fits it sits because its all good fun.

Gallery 1 the original the one that started it all. Although not in full time use it is the best place for more experimental work as there is a hole in the wall comes with a sweet orange colour exterior. Its dimensions are 15cm x 15cm floor and the main facing wall is 18cm high, the other two walls are 18cm - 21cm high due to roof slope.

Gallery 2 the current one in use, has all the upgrades with a larger size, triple stage lighting, a large sky light and is built like a tank as far as cardboard boxs go sporting a au natural look . Its dimensions are:16cm x 15.5cm floor the main facing wall is 21cm high 16cm wide the other two are 21cm-16.5cm high due to roof slope 15.5cmwide.

And the Tiny tin is a pocket sized gallery that is also acts as a vague business card, is 100% the most consealable gallery and is just the cutest little thing its dimensions are 9cm x 5cm floor and the walls are 1.9cm high long walls are 8cm wide short walls are 4cm wide however due to it being a continuous shape with no hard corners the corners can be used.

Shows opening are held on Sundays.

Once accepted into this definitely not an unbreakable contract for the soul I will contact you via email and then the fun shall commence. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask.


Make a submission Contact the curator
Who is eligible for this opportunity?
Every one including your pets, we have shows for that
When is the deadline?
29th June 2021
How many works can I submit?
Typically between 3 and 6
When is the delivery date?
Show openings are held on Sundays roughly at 7pm unless un able then moves to monday
How much does it cost?
Its totally free unless you want to generously donate 1 million, I won't say no
Are there payments to artists?
Sadly no at the moment
Is there a private view / opening?
What are the exhibition opening hours?
Open all hours due to being online for the moment
What publicity will be provided as part of the opportunity?
The shows get posted onto all the good social media sites Instagram and Facebook aswell as my own website
What are the selection criteria?
It needs to be interesting, we're artists, we're story tellers

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