Doe Lea Public Art Commission

Deadline: 09/01/2017  |  Published: 29/11/2016  |  City: Doe Lea, Bolsover  |  Country: United Kingdom  |  Beam

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To create an ambitious and contemporary permanent artwork at a key location at the entrance to the village of Doe Lea, in Bolsover, Derbyshire. The artwork must both acknowledge the heritage of the village, whilst firmly looking to and celebrating the future for the Doe Lea community. The artwork will help to create a sense of place and will welcome both residents and visitors alike to Doe Lea and the wider Bolsover district.

Doe Lea Public Art Commission

Artist Brief


1.1 Introduction

Beam has been appointed by Bolsover District Council to deliver the commissioning of a new Artwork for the village of Doe Lea funded through section 106 monies from recent residential development.

1.2 Approach

Our approach encompasses a broad definition of public art. Public Art is a specific process and a way of engaging with art, artists, communities and public space. For the purposes of this commission public art is defined as – 


“Public Art is a principle. A principle of improving the changing environment through the arts. Public art is not an artform, it utilises the arts to assist those involved in increasing the quality in the environment”

Public Art Forum - opening statement to the National Heritage Select Committee, 1996


An open call approach to appointing the artist for this commission is being employed. Following an interview process the Doe Lea Public Art Steering Group will select a minimum of three artists who will be paid a fee to develop concept proposals and following interview one artist will be appointed to further develop and deliver on this concept.


1.3 Strategic Context

Bolsover District Council has supported the commissioning and development of public art for a number of years, most recently adopting an ‘Arts Development & Public Art Strategy’ for the district for the period 2016-20.


“Bolsover District Council have certainly for the last seven years, approached the concept, creation and delivery of public arts projects in a very innovative and strategic way achieving in many instances very unique arts projects that have received critical acclaim. The innovative use of Public Art may include: 

  • landmark design to help create identity for the place
  • build upon or interpret an aspect of the sites history
  • improve legibility or movement around the new area
  • to act as a focus or activity for a new community
  • even to help ‘sell’ the benefits of the development to the wider community”

 Arts Development & Public Art Strategy 2016-20, pg 18


The strategy strongly seeks to -

“… encourage community involvement, as part of the development process of creating public art, this is a proven way of enabling communities to have a say and shape their environment, informing or educating people about a variety of issues, facilitating change in a given environment, encouraging community development and engaging with hard to reach groups. This involvement in artwork creation increases ownership, community policing and pride in the community itself.”

Arts Development & Public Art Strategy 2016-20, pg 20


The full strategy can be downloaded from the Bolsover District Council website -



2.1 Vision

To create an ambitious and contemporary permanent artwork at a key location at the entrance to the village of Doe Lea, in Bolsover, Derbyshire. The artwork must both acknowledge the heritage of the village, whilst firmly looking to and celebrating the future for the Doe Lea community. The artwork will help to create a sense of place and will welcome both residents and visitors alike to Doe Lea and the wider Bolsover district.

2.2 Objectives

  • Reflect the distinct character of the area exploring: the natural environment, conservation and wildlife; Doe Lea’s mining heritage; its resilient community; change and growth in the village and future aspirations 
  • Promote local pride in place and foster a sense of community ownership, - the selected artist must effectively engage the public and local interest groups in the development of their concept which must be accessible and suitable for people of differing ages and backgrounds
  • Enhance the public experience of Doe Lea for residents and visitors alike as well as being a key gateway to the wider Bolsover district 
  • Deliver an artwork that becomes an important addition to Bolsover’s commitment to public art and helps to support the cultural and economic life of the local area and wider district


2.3 Expected Outcomes

  • The completed artworks will be unique to Doe Lea and Bolsover
  • The completed artworks will be enjoyable and engaging for the local community and visitors
  • Public Art Steering Group, the local community and other key stakeholders will gain knowledge and understanding of the public art commission process and feel ownership of the completed work
  • Participants in engagement/consultation sessions will develop knowledge and understanding of the Artist’s work and will contribute to the detailed design process of the work (and vice versa)
  • The Artist will develop existing/ establish new relationships with local people and contribute to advocacy for the project
  • The Artist will engage with key community partners in the development of the work including, but not limited to, Bramley Vale Primary School, Neighbourhood Watch group, Doe Lea Valley Community Partnership, Parish Council, Resource Centre, the ‘Stute’ pub, local (dog) walkers and conservationists


2.4 Deliverables

  • Concept Design proposal and presentation (max 3 Artists)
  • Detailed Design proposal and presentation(Appointed Artist)
  • Consultation and engagement with key stakeholders (Appointed Artist)
  • Public art commission delivery (Appointed Artist)
  • Documentation report (photographic and online e.g. Artist’s Blog)
  • Attendance at project meetings during the commission process as applicable (Appointed Artist)
  • Attendance at evaluation meeting on completion of the commission (Appointed Artist)


2.5   Site

  • The proposed site is on a traffic island at the entrance to the village on the between the A617 and Mansfield road.
  • The site is subject to underground searches and planning permission for the final artwork
  • Close liaison with Highways authorities and Bolsover District planners will be essential to the sign off of the detailed design for the artwork
  • The identified site is a strongly preferred option for the location of the artwork, however Artists are welcome to offer alternative suggestions regarding location for consideration by the Public Art Steering Group if appropriate


2.6   Further Information

A community film making project is being managed by Beam and will be delivered in parallel to this commission

There is a tradition of filmmaking in the village and a number of these films are available to view online -

There may be potential for links to be made between the two projects

It is the intention that links to the First Art project are made and that First Art will support the delivery of a launch event for the artwork on completion of the project



Artist Appointment


Artist brief promoted - w/c 21 Nov ‘16

Deadline for applications - Monday 9 Jan ’17 - 9am

Shortlisted artist interviews - Wednesday 8th February

Following interview a maximum of 3 artists will be invited to prepare concept proposals

Artist concept development phase - Feb/Mar

Artist concept presentations - w/c 27 Mar

Artist selected by steering group and appointed - w/c 3 Apr


Artist Contract to Project Completion


Artist commission contract completed - w/c 17 Apr

Artist Site Visit - w/c 24 Apr

  • Research  
  • Community engagement / consultation- Apr – Jun

Detailed Design Proposal - w/c 26 Jun

Preparation and submission of planning application - w/c 10 Jul

Production / fabrication period - Aug/Sept

Artist fabrication and installation complete - 31 Oct

Artist maintenance plan complete - 31 Oct

Evaluation - w/c 13 Nov



4.1 Artist Fee

Concept Stage

A maximum of 3 artists will be commissioned to undertake the development of a concept design for the commission. A fee of £1,500 will be available to develop this concept. One Artist will be selected to deliver on their concept.  

Detailed Design and Implementation -

A Detailed Design Proposal will be developed and presented to the Public Art Steering Group. Following sign off the work will then be fabricated and installed by the Artist.

The total fee for the commission is £65,000 plus VAT (if applicable)

This fee includes engagement workshops, concept design, detailed design, production, materials, installation (including foundations as applicable), public works, attendance at meetings and all other costs associated with the work / any subsidiary commissions and expenses.


4.2. Payments to artists

Payments to artists will be scheduled to align with specific milestones being achieved. All payments to artists at all stages are subject to the condition that payment of appropriate funding has been made to Beam by Bolsover District Council.



All relevant Bolsover District Council policies and procedures will apply to this commission and any related work. All work will be subject to relevant permissions prior to implementation.



Beam’s Heath & Safety and Child Protection Policy will be applied to this project as appropriate.



The artist will be required to provide detail of Public Liability and other relevant insurances as requested by the Public Art Steering Group.



Copyright in the designs and work will be retained by the Artist in accordance with The Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.



Beam is committed to building an organisation that makes full use of the talents, skills, experience, and different cultural perspectives available in a diverse society. The aim of our policy is to ensure that at all stages of the recruitment, selection and employment process (including the artist commission process) we consider all applicants in fair and considered manner so that the most appropriate person is selected, regardless of age, colour, disability, gender, marital or family status, nationality or ethnic origins, race, religious belief or sexual orientation.

Beam’s Equal Opportunities Policy will be applied to this commission.



Deadline for applications: Monday 9th January 2017 – 9am.


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Who is eligible for this opportunity?
Individual artists and artist collectives.
When is the deadline?
Monday 9th January 2017 – 9am.
How do you decide on proposals?
This commission is being managed by a Public Art Steering Group (PASG) with representatives from Bolsover District Council, Derbyshire County Council and Ault Hucknall Parish Council. The PASG and executives from Bolsover District Council are responsible for the artist selection process.
What kind of proposals are you looking for?
At this stage we want to find out more about you and your work and your initial response to the brief.

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