Dollspace - Open Call - Small Artworks for Dolls House Project Space

Deadline: 22/05/2017  |  Published: 04/02/2017  |  Venue: A Dolls House  |  City: London  |  Country: United Kingdom  |  Sid Smith

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Dollspace is a project space situated in a Doll’s House in North London. Throughout 2017 we are running a series of experimental projects that investigate the position of microcosms in an oversubscribed culture.

We are accepting submission for solo shows. We are seeking small-scale artworks that suit the general theme of the project. 


We decided to launch Dollspace as a way to think about the algorithm driven, privacy sparse world we live in. 2016 appeared to be the year of the echo-chamber, the restless current of social and digital media has seemingly washed away the diversity of opinion. In a world where you can chose to only follow who you like then you often just see your own opinion reflected back towards you. An endless loop of reassurance, countered by only a few who are soon drowned out and unfollowed by the reverberation of the echoes.


The Doll’s House is about 60cm tall, 50cm wide and 30cm deep, it has no exterior walls and you can see every room at once. Much like a swipe-happy trigger-finger skimming through Instagram, Dollspace projects will be easy to consume, simple to observe as a complete package and demonstrate a fluid interest in the world around us.


NB: Works must not be larger than 10cm x 10cm x 10cm, otherwise they will not fit in the space. Any digital work should be sent to us online and we will screen it in the dolls house.


To apply, please submit:


-100-200 word description of the work and concept

- 2-3 supporting images (these can be anything from plans, research images, screenshots, to actual photos of the work)


If your work is submitted you will be asked to post the work to us or send it online.

All submissions will be kept on file and considered for future projects at Dollspace, so please do not be disappointed if your work is not selected for the first show.


We are also accepting proposals for solo and group shows as well as curating works for group projects. If you would like to propose a project please don’t hesitate to get involved with the project, send exhibition/project proposals to us over Curatorspace.



Proposals for exhibitions and projects should include:

- Description of the proposed project. No more than 500 words  

-3-5 reference images (these don’t necessarily have to be images of the work, but can be research images that contextualize your proposal.)


If you have any questions please contact us using Curatorspace.


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