"More or Less?" - Artist Book by SU4IP

Deadline: 30/04/2024

City: Sheffield  |  Region: South Yorkshire  |  Country: United Kingdom  |  SU4IP♲

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Interested in having your art published, printed, and posted directly to your doorstep? Participate alongside a broad range of incredible artists, all underpinned by this iteration's theme: "More or Less?". SU4IP welcomes artists and their creations to feature in the sixth installment of the Artist Book by SU4IP series. All works in any medium related to this theme are welcome!

"More or Less?" is the sixth iteration of a submission-style publication produced by SU4IP. Welcoming all submissions that could be described as 1. More e.g. Maximalist, large, heavy, dense, or complicated; or 2. Less e.g. Minimalist, small, light, dispersed, or simple. The Artist Book by SU4IP series has showcased a growing list of 150 artists, many of whom have featured across multiple editions.

This publication aims to showcase the duality of artistic approaches. Are you an artist who thinks big, seeks to overwhelm, applies no limits, or adopts an intense style? Alternatively, do you prefer a minimalist approach, leaving space for contemplation, further questions, or inquiry?

Regardless of which side you identify with, this project seeks to showcase the best of both worlds and allow two schools of thought to flourish and complement one another.

In contemporary art, we see both of these sensibilities in action. "More or Less" is created in the interest of contrasting both, in a way that greatly exemplifies and celebrates our creative differences, the potential for communicating ideas, and the extent to which artistic mediums are applied.

A raw, detailed, and intense intaglio print applies dynamic marks to every square centimetre of a cramped page, leaving no room for tranquillity, and conveying the deepest, most erratic corners of the artist's mind.

A playful arrangement of pastel shade shapes occupies a vast expanse of an off-white canvas, allowing for spacious interplay between each form and encouraging the viewer to delve into the significance of each one within the composition.

A colossal sculpture comprised of found materials, plaster, and earth saturates the gaze and engulfs the viewer, reminding us of the relentless and impending impact increased human activity has on our planet.

An A4 page of line paper occupies a vacant room. A singular word in the centre of the page invites the audience to investigate more closely. We are forced to consider not only the literary significance of this work but also the circumstances in which we find ourselves when experiencing it.

We become grateful for the simple pleasures of modernity: a warm, inviting gallery space, the capacity to move, think critically, and access limitless resources to share our ideas.

A wearable sculpture transforms the wearer into a humanoid symbol of self-expression. Extending the shoulders, neck, and torso with an energetic and intense range of sculpted forms, fabrics, and wire. We are encouraged to consider how the human form is not a limitation for what occurs beneath.

A landscape black-and-white photograph depicts a vacant multistory car park. This hive of activity bears the marks of relentless footfall, tyres, and shopping carts, reminding us of the great extent we will go to in order to facilitate the exchange of goods and services in the modern age.

These are just a few examples of how "More or Less?" could be associated with your work or practice. All mediums and formats are welcome, subject to the viability of being printed in a book. SU4IP invites you to push the boundaries of what "More or Less?" could mean, and how it can be portrayed in your submission.

more /mɔːr/

determiner, pronoun, adverb

a larger or extra number or amount:

  • Would you like some more food?
  • The doctors can't cope with any more patients.
  • Add some more cream to the sauce.

 used to form the comparative of many adjectives and adverbs:

  • She couldn't be more beautiful.
  • Let's find a more sensible way of doing it.
  • You couldn't be more wrong.

 used to emphasize the large size of something:

  • More than 20,000 demonstrators crowded into the square.

less /les/
determiner, pronoun, adverb

a smaller amount (of), or to a smaller degree:

  • We must try to spend less money.
  • Exercise more and eat less.

less than:

  • I eat less chocolate and fewer biscuits than I used to.
  • Getting out of bed in summer is less difficult than in winter.

(Source(s): https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/more, https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/less)

Featured artists will receive:

  • A copy of the publication packaged and sent to their address (using biodegradable packaging).
  • A double-page spread containing images of their work, a Q&A, and information about their practice.

About the publication:

  • Designed and curated by myself. 
  • Bound and digitally printed on heavy, opaque, and high-quality paper for the best visibility and legibility. (Cover: 250 gsm, roughly half the thickness of a credit card. Inside Pages: 170 gsm.)
  • It will be A5 landscape (210 x 148 mm).
  • All Artist Book by SU4IP publications are circulated at book fairs around the UK, and online—putting your work, bio, and contact information in the hands of thousands of individuals every year, including curators, enthusiasts, event organisers, artists, and everyone inbetween.
  • Will be featured on su4ip.cargo.site under publications, as well as @lyndonwatkinson (SU4IP) Instagram. Here you will also find all of the previous installations of the Artist Book by SU4IP series, including "Tension"; "Weightless"; "Noir"; "Plantae"; and "Order" - Artist Book by SU4IP.
  • All material showcased in the publication is property of each respective artist involved! Participating in this project simply allows me the right to curate it in this format.


Free to submit! Successful applicants must pay a fee of £20 to cover the printing, packaging, and postage of a copy of the publication to be sent to them.

Terms & Conditions

Contact the curator
Who is eligible for this opportunity?
Anyone! Please keep in mind that irrespective of your preferred medium(s), visualisations of your work in a photo or text format must be provided to ensure it is 'bookable': e.g. Frame stills if your work is in film/video, with a link to watch the entire thing.
How many works can I submit?
You may submit up to 4 images. Please note that they may not all be included.
How much does it cost?
Free to submit! Successful applicants must pay a fee of £20 to cover the printing, packaging, and postage of a copy of the publication to be sent to them. Participants may also choose to receive additional copies at a reduced 'break-even' rate, subject to the final cost of the order.
How do you decide on proposals?
Works will be selected primarily based on relevance to theme, but also:
- Quality of photographs
- Overall detail of submission
- Demonstration of passion and enthusiasm for your own work
What happens if my proposal is chosen?
Should you be accepted, I will contact you via CuratorSpace to notify you of your acceptance. I will then send over an email including a selection of interview questions to choose from, also requesting:
- A postage address to send your copy of the publication to
- Your £20 participation fee to cover manufacturing, packaging, and postage costs

As a successful candidate, you will also receive:
- Email updates on the development of the publication
- A .pdf copy of the final publication; you can do whatever you want with
- An opportunity to review and provide feedback on your spread(s) before it goes to print

I am happy to provide individual feedback for unsuccessful applicants should you request it. Please don't hesitate to ask!

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