Open Call for Collaboration: Cooltzine #2

Deadline: 20/01/2019  |  Published: 03/12/2018  |  Venue: Multiple (TBA)  |  City: International  |  Cooltsalon

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Cooltzine is the extension of Cooltsalon, platform for ideas and creativity exchange in urban context. Taking form of variety of events – from guided walks to meet local creative businesses to site-specific exhibitions with international artists – Cooltsalon’s mission has been to give exposure to individual voices hidden behind the collective city life. The zine carries on the message of re-discovering the city, re-connecting and exchanging our stories as urban dwellers, in one way or another. Cooltzine is to be published once a year.

On 12 May 2018, London, Berlin, Belgrade and Sofia were united in one simultaneous exhibition, launching the very first edition of Cooltzine: a self-publication curated as accessible platform for international dialogue between creative practitioners. Partners for the project launch were Leyden Gallery (London), be'kech (Berlin), Kvaka 22 (Belgrade) and Cush.Bar (Sofia).

The brief for Cooltzine vol.1 was “Neglected spaces in YOUR city where you find inspiration” and it was incredible to see people from different parts of the world responding, sharing their visual stories; this first zine edition is made by 40 contributors, from early to mid-career artists, as well as self-taught multidisciplinary practitioners and amateur photographers.

Contributors profiles can be found on the Cooltsalon’s page posts:   

Motivated by the international nature of Cooltsalon as projects platform and the submitted photos and illustrations, the zine launch was conceived to defy geographical boundaries, by taking place simultaneously in 4 different cities – London, Belgrade, Sofia, Berlin. This simultaneous exhibition consisted of works from Cooltzine vol.1 contributors, presented as a video installation of looped file projection – for one day only. Live feeds from each city punctuated the video presentation in the evening.

Printed copies of Cooltzine vol. 1 were then available on the day, from the partner venues, and following the launch event the zine had a limited life as a downloadable file – finally archived in August 2018, giving way to the next open call for collaboration. 

We would now like to invite everyone to participate in the birth of Cooltzine vol.2 - to be presented once again in May, 2019. 

The brief: <SHARED SPACE> 

Your interpretation what it means to share space - physical or metaphorical, emotional or mental; any visual medium - photography, collage, illustration, drawing, written text. (audio & video submissions will be accepted only for the simultaneous exhibition stage)

All pages of "Cooltzine #2" will created by submissions on the subject of "Shared Space"; priority given to works that consider the point of view of city dwellers and reflect urban structures and experiences. 

Deadline: 15 JANUARY 2019


Contact the curator
When is the deadline?
15 January 2019
How many works can I submit?
Up to 3 works: if selected, all 3 will be featured in the video presentation/exhibition, but only 1 featured in the zine.
When is the delivery date?
Works should be submitted as print-ready files, in highest possible resolution.
Works selected for the zine will be printed as is.
How much does it cost?
Submissions to co-create Cooltzine #2 are free of charge;
Are there payments to artists?
Creating of Cooltzine #2 pages is treated by everyone as a voluntary, collaborative process (not commissions), thus no payment involved; participation is free of charge; Cooltzine is an independent, not-for-profit print edition.
Is there a private view / opening?
Presentation will done in 1-day-only exhibition event - May 2019 (date TBC)
What are the exhibition opening hours?
Does the location have disabled access?
What publicity will be provided as part of the opportunity?
Inclusion in all press announcements and online publications associated with Cooltzine #2 (in London and other partner cities/countries).
Individual "collaborators profiles" posts via Cooltsalon's Facebook page (post participation confirmation and in the run up to the exhibition event)
Do I need to be present?
As Cooltsalon's events are networking opportunities for both makers and venues (and visitors), facilitating future collaborations and projects, we encourage selected collaborators to attend the simultaneous exhibition event (in any of the participating cities, which is closest to their place of residency).
How do you decide on proposals?
Partner venues and Cooltsalon will review the submissions together.
What happens if my proposal is chosen?
You will create one of the pages in Cooltzine #2.
What kind of proposals are you looking for?
Photography, illustration, drawing, written text, collage, mixed-media interpretations on the subject of "Shared Space"; exploring what "Shared Space" means to you, in the context of city / an urban experience (it could be, equally, an abstract interpretation of the idea of 'shared space').
Submitted works need to be printable (zine size A5).
Key points to consider about Cooltsalon as a platform: sharing stories, urban experiences, people behind places, stories behind places, collaboration, international, local/global.

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