Otherworlds.1 (Group Show).

Deadline: 30/09/2017  |  Published: 24/07/2017  |  City: London  |  Region: London  |  Country: United Kingdom  |  Red Black

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R-e-d-B-l-a-c-k-curation presents ‘Otherworlds.1’, a show exploring the themes of shamanism, witchcraft, earth/nature, ritual, portals, dreams, the apocalypse, psychology, politics, trickery and identity. In a complicated world where darkness can shroud reality how do we as artists (as spiritually inclined individuals) question, negotiate and challenge our surroundings in search of healing?


We are seeking artists for the exhibition, ‘Otherworlds.1’, taking place on the 8th to the 9th of December 2017 in Bricklane (the 5th Base Gallery). Applicants are welcome to submit sculpture, painting, photography, performance and sound work. If selected for the exhibition there will be a participation fee of £100.00.

During the day of the 8th December 2017 R-e-d-B-l-a-c-k-curators will install all artworks for the exhibition. There will be a private viewing commencing on the evening of the 8th, Of which all artists are encouraged to attend. On the 9th the exhibition will be open to the public for the day closing in the evening for de-installation. 

The selected participants are paying for a two-day exhibition including the shows curation, PR and administration procedures. A physical catalogue will be produced for the show, and R-e-d-B-l-a-c-k-curation will provide all artists with an exhibition certificate.

R-e-d-B-l-a-c-k-curation support artists to make sales as a result of our exhibitions through the use of our 'purchase form' (we require no commission). When a client wants to purchase an artwork the purchase form enables the artist, client and R-e-d-B-l-a-c-k-curation to exchange contact details. It also gives the client important information regarding the artwork such as upkeep and display methods. Ultimately the purchase form is a contract which encourages the artist and client to proceed with sales after the exhibition has ended (R-e-d-B-l-a-c-k-curation help facilitate business we do not become involved with transcation procedures). If an artists work is sold as a result of a R-e-d-B-l-a-c-k-curation exhibition we would ask the artist to inform us so that we may keep this information on record via the purchase form.

If you are selected for the Otherworld.1 exhibition you will need to complete our exhibition agreement/contract which states the perameters of our work and our obligation to you. We will also provide the purchase form for you to sign if you desire to sell your work.

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Contact the curator
Who is eligible for this opportunity?
Artists who are 18 and above.
When is the deadline?
30/09/2017 12pm.
How many works can I submit?
3 works maximum. A maximum of three works could be selected for the exhibition.
When is the delivery date?
10am at the 5th Base Gallery on the 08/12/2017.
When do I need to collect my work?
The exhibition is open to the public for a full day on the 09/12/2017. Artists can collect their work throughout the day but our suggested time is between 5-7pm.
How much does it cost?
£100.00 if selected for the show (it is free to submit work).
Is there a private view / opening?
Yes on the evening of the 8th December from 6pm-9pm.
What are the exhibition opening hours?
On the 8th the opening hours are from 6pm-9pm.
On the 9th the opening hours are from 10am to 7pm.
Does the location have disabled access?
Yes the location has a ramp for wheel chair access.
What publicity will be provided as part of the opportunity?
The exhibition will be publicised via platforms such as ArtRabbit, Re-Title, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our personal mailing list...
Do I need to be present?
You will not be present during the show build and you dont have to be present for the private view on the 8th, or during the day opening on the 9th. But you must be available on the evening of the 9th to collect your artwork. If for any reason someone else is sent to collect your work we must be informed, we will not release artworks to anybody unless notified by the particpating artist.
What happens if my proposal is chosen?
You will be notified email congratulating you on your success! Entailed in this email will be an 'Exhibition Agreement Form' and if you are interested in selling your work you will also be sent the 'Purchase Form'. Both of these documents will need to be physically signed, completed and returned by email. There after you will need to transfer £100.00 as your participation fee.
What are the selection criteria?
There is no adgenda with our selection criteria we welcome all passionate creatives who are producing paintings, sculptures and live art. We are looking for work that screams out to us, just be you!

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