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Deadline: 10/12/2017  |  Published: 29/10/2017  |  Venue: Unconfirmed  |  City: Liverpool  |  Region: Merseyside  |  Country: United Kingdom  |  Gabriella Warren-Smith

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The overall purpose of this project will be to evaluate the impact of the digital age on our neurological activity, and analyse the positive ways in which museums can use exhibition design to enhance visitor experience. After the initial research period, I intend to plan an exhibition which will explore this work through immersive and experiential display.

This is a research project that will investigate the impact of the digital age on the way we interpret art in museums. It must not be mistaken for an analysis of the inclusion of technology in museums, but instead on the way in which museums might use engaging, experiential display that could be more successful in catering for an audience driven by new technology.

The growing presence of the internet in daily activity has begin to change the way in which our brains function. We live in a world dominated by information and images which we view through the media and popular culture. Our brains are hungry to consume information and take in our surroundings in short overlapping bursts. If our minds have developed to absorb information in a different way, then surely this is likely to affect the way in which we process information in art galleries as well as online? Does it effect; the way we read an artwork, the amount of time we allow ourselves to look at it, how many information panels we stop to read. What is a positive environment in museums in this context? Should they offer peaceful experiences distanced from the fast-paced speed of life in the digital age, or should they contain designs that reflect it, offering experiences that stimulate the twenty-first century brain?

This project is in its initial research period, and the exhibition is not expected to take place for some time. Although I have stated that artists will not be paid, I hope that I will secure funding to change this. 

I'm looking for initial ideas and responses from artists who share similar thoughts or have made related work previously. Please send images and links to previous work as well as a proposal with your response, no more than 500 words.


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Who is eligible for this opportunity?
Artists in the North West will be favoured, although submissions from elsewhere will be considered. Artists from further afield must consider that at this stage of the project, only limited funds will be available for expenses.
When is the deadline?
10th December 2017
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You will be contacted via email.

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