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Deadline: 19/03/2021  |  Published: 20/09/2020  |  Venue: SMALL HOUSE GALLERY  |  City: Online and London  |  Country: United Kingdom  |  Eldi Dundee

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A mini contemporary art curation project for a dolls house.

The Small House Gallery is a miniature art gallery in a 1:12 scaled dollshouse which is situated in a private residence in South London, (but will be moving across to a shared studio space up the road) and occasionally travels to other exhibition spaces,  galleries or studios (predominantly in London). 

Visits would normally be by appointment for the residential or studio locations, but all visits are suspended during Covid, therefore this call-out is an offer to show your selected miniature works in an online exhibition on the Small House Gallery's website, Instagram and Facebook pages.

Artist proposals are perpetually welcome. Please see website's OPEN CALL page for Small House Gallery dimensions before you make a proposal.

Please include the following:  

Your name(s)

City / country of birth

Current country / city of residence (if different)

Full postal address

Telephone number (+ dialing codes)

Email address

Your professional web or blog links

Artist statement with Bio

CV / resume

Up to 10 x jpeg images of proposed work (drawings, sketches, photos, video stills) or links to video or sound works, labelled as: YourName_WorkTitle_Date

Image list (Title, Year, Medium, Dimensions)

A brief essay/outline of your vision for a show at Small House Gallery

Preferred timeline (for sending work, showing it, shipping back, etc. For example, if you are still in the process of making the work, are you proposing it for 3 months from now? or is the work finished and ready to ship and exhibit now? What’s your ideal length for your show? a couple of weeks? a month?


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Who is eligible for this opportunity?
Artists who work in miniature, or who want to show small scale versions of their larger works, or who want to depart from their usual practice and experiment with working to a smaller scale. This could be custom made works, assemblages of 'ready mades', etc. You're the artist. Propose a show - as an individual or as a group.
When is the deadline?
There isn't one, not really. As long as Small House Gallery exists, proposals are welcome.
How many works can I submit?
As many as you like that you think might fit within the dimensions of the Small House Gallery. It doesn't mean they will all be accepted or shown.
When is the delivery date?
This would be agreed once we have agreed on dates for your show.
When do I need to collect my work?
A date would be agreed with you... You may opt to have it posted back to you, but you would need to cover those costs and provide suitable packaging and packaging instructions.
How much does it cost?
The only cost to you is your own insurance, if you have it, and the cost of transporting your works to/from Small House Gallery at the start and end of your agreed exhibition length.
Are there payments to artists?
Is there a private view / opening?
Short answer, no.
Even in non-Covid times, in its current private residence, it isn't practical to have strangers traipsing through, and that's more to do with neighbours than anything else. However, when Small House Gallery itself travels to other real life sized gallery or exhibition spaces, it may be possible to negotiate a private view / opening / finissage with them.
What are the exhibition opening hours?
As it's mainly an online space, it's open all hours, unless the website is temporarily down for maintenance.
Does the location have disabled access?
Online mainly. It sometimes does travel to other spaces that do have disabled access (it was at Shonibare Studios' Guest Projects space for example which is completely wheelchair friendly) but in its current residence and in the studio it's about to move to, there are several stairs.
What publicity will be provided as part of the opportunity?
There is no advertising budget, nor any reason for one. It will of course be shared on Small House Gallery's Facebook and Instagram pages, which you will be welcome to help promote among your own social networks and social media platforms, your own website and CV. Mainly it will spread via word of mouth, and random searches that lead people unexpectedly to this very small scale art gallery and curation project.
Do I need to be present?
Not at all. In fact due to Covid, you basically can't.
There may be points after Covid, if the Small House Gallery is asked to exhibit in another gallery space, that you may be asked to help invigilate your own work, depending on the space's set up. But that would be discussed ahead of time and as/or when an opportunity to show elsewhere presents itself.
How do you decide on proposals?
Good question which there isn't really a solid answer for.
Installation of your work can't destroy the structure or surfaces of Small House Gallery, so that needs to be taken into account. No work that is discriminatory in any way against any group of disadvantaged people will be accepted. What gets accepted beyond that criteria is going to be subjective to a degree, based on personal tastes of the curator(s). But perhaps most importantly, it will also will need to work on a practical/logistical level. No clashing dates for instance.
What happens if my proposal is chosen?
You will be contacted and we will try and negotiate mutually agreeable dates for the show, discuss expectations and possibilities, and which works will go in and how they might be shown. And how to get the works to the Small House Gallery and how to retrieve them at the end of your show.
What kind of proposals are you looking for?
Quirky, innovative, playful, surprising, smart, witty, compelling, visually and conceptually interesting, mind bending/stretching, awe inspiring, beautiful or not so beautiful, miniature expressions of art in any medium, that works well in the space and doesn't cause permanent damage to the structure or surfaces of the Small House Gallery.

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