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Small House Gallery, was established by artist/curator Eldi Dundee in 2016. The microgallery project for Eldi's child's unwanted dollshouse began to branch out during the Covid19 lockdowns, when artists were invited to submit proposals for solo shows in the modified 1:12 scale gallery's spaces. Two additional dolls houses were added in Janurary 2021, expanding the offer with Small House Two and Small House Cottage.

There have been approximately 60 solo exhbitions in the SHG houses so far (the time of this update being June 2024), with one bonus exhibition (The Big Small Summer Open 2021) involving almost 30 artists with upwards of three works per artist across four Small House Gallery settings. (We were temporary custodians of a vintage 'Matchbox' car garage (Mac's Garage) which we called Small House Garage - it gave artists a fourth choice to exhibit in. The Garage has now been happily reunited with the grown up boy it was originally made for, 60 years prior.) Small House Cottage began touring the UK in 2022, as part of a micro-gallery co-curation project #smallhouseontour - it's been to Northumberland and Whitstable (for the Biennale Satellite) and is currently at Turntable Gallery, Grimsby, where it will remain for the longer term in a curatorial collaboration between Eldi Dundee, and Dale Wells & Darren Neave.

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Eldi Dundee

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    City: London and Online  |  Region: London  |  Country: United Kingdom  |  Eldi Dundee

    Small House Gallery is a contemporary art curation project for a series of dolls houses currently located in a private residence in South London. The project (or parts of it) occasionally travels to other spaces, galleries or studios, mainly London and commutable surrounds, but it does sometimes go further afield (eg. Small House Cottage was on tour to Northumberland in Spring 2022, Whitstable Biennale Satellite in Summer 2022, and NE Lincolnshire to Turntable Gallery, Grimsby from Autumn 2022 onwards).

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Previous projects

  • Small House Gallery

    Dates: 01/09/2020 — ongoing  |  Venue: Online and in a private residence in South London. Sometimes travels to other spaces and cities  |  City: London and Online

    Small House Gallery began in 2016 as a mini contemporary art curation project for a dolls house (Small House Gallery One) It has grown to a series of dolls houses (with the addition of Small House Two & Small House Cottage, and the temporary loan of Small House Garage/Mac's Garage, a vintage toy car garage) Currently Small House Gallery One and Small House Two are mainly located in in the private family home of the curator in South London. Exhibitions are mainly seen online, but periodically open to the public via the occasional tour to other galleries and exhibition spaces, in London and cities around the UK. Small House Cottage has been on tour to Whitstable and Northumberland, and it is currently in East Grimsby at Turntable Gallery undergoing renovations by Dale Wells, who will co-curate a micro programme in collaboration with his Turntable Gallery partner Darren Neave, and SHG's Eldi Dundee.


    Dates: 01/05/2017 — 07/05/2017  |  Venue: Guest Projects (Shonibare Studios)  |  City: London

    Curation of a Group Show within a Group Show - A collaboration between Eldi Dundee for Small House Gallery with AltMFA and associates for UNKNOWN FUTURES, a week long residency at Guest Projects (Shonibare Studios) Also: Editor in Chief of AltMFA's 'This Must Be the Future' magazine, an a-n funded publication for the UNKNOWN FUTURES residency, published 2018