Snow & Fire Festival, North Iceland

Deadline: 12/12/2019  |  Published: 11/11/2019  |  Venue: Around the Town  |  City: Ólafsfjörður  |  Country: Iceland  |  Annie Strange

Expenses paid

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Collaborative open call working throughout February to celebrate the small yet mountainous community energy in Ólafsfjörður - focussing on nature, environment, fire, ice, and welcoming the light back into the mountains as Spring approaches.

This open call is to invite artists to a celebration of the wonderful North of Iceland from the start to the end of February, culminating in a small public festival of installations, performances, and workshops.

We will choose five artists to work with the artists we are inviting and selection will be made based on the quality and intrigue of your art practice or past work, along with how well the work you plan to do engages with the community and/or the environment here in Ólafsfjörður. We are unable to pay artists, but we will give a cosy place to stay and food and refreshments during your stay, for free. That's the 'expenses paid' - all you have to do is pay your flight to Iceland and we will arrange the rest, including transport from Reykjavik if arriving on the right date.

We are looking for artists that work well with other people as we are hoping for collaboration and cross pollenation of ideas and inter-disciplinary work. We will consider all applications on face value, so if you have a solo project, don't be afraid to tell us in the application and we will discuss this with you.

Any questions prior to application can be sent to us via the Contact Curator button and we will do our best to welcome and accomodate your styles and your energy.

As this is the first festival of arts for Kaffi Klara Art Residence, we cannot offer any payment, but we will look after you with our classic Scandi hospitality and give you a space to sleep, share our delicious fresh cooked food, and spend time with other artists and resources here to create lasting networks and collaboartive projects with our open call group and invited artists.

The artists invited wont be shared just yet, but we will be working with fire and movement, light projection, and butoh artists who will be sharing their work and practice through performances, installations, and workshops; so we are especially looking for artists who will work well with these practices.

Let's bring the light back to the snow!


Contact the curator
Who is eligible for this opportunity?
Artists from all backgrounds, mediums, disciplines. Both emerging and professional artists will be considered based on how they fit with the other applicants.
When is the deadline?
12th December 2019
How many works can I submit?
The sky is the limit for collaborative works, we will do our best to find suitable resources and spaces to bring your collective creativity to light up the North!
When is the delivery date?
Collaborations and creation will take place throughout February, with smaller installations, exhibitions, workshops etc leading up to the last week of February where the celebrations begin proper.
How much does it cost?
Just the cost of your transport to Iceland. We will handle the rest!
Are there payments to artists?
No - unless the collaborations result in a ticketed or paid event, but we are trying to keep this as free as possible.
Does the location have disabled access?
We will do our best to accommodate all abilities - please let us know your needs in the application or by emailing us and we will make it so.
How do you decide on proposals?
Based on artistic quality, the arc of emerging artists' development, and how well the applicants' work fits with the themes of the festival, with the other applicants, and how we can support the artists most favourably through collaboration.
What happens if my proposal is chosen?
We will contact selected artists to discuss transport and needs in late December-early January
What kind of proposals are you looking for?
If you have a project in mind, particularly a collaborative project or community engagement (English is spoken here), we will be interested to see how well this fits with the proposals of other artists; but as we hope for interdisciplinary collaboration, we will also accept bios of what discipline you work with and what themes your work involves.

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