Deadline: 11/01/2020  |  Published: 18/11/2019  |  Venue: Cupola Contemporary Art  |  City: Sheffield  |  Region: South Yorkshire  |  Country: United Kingdom  |  Karen Sherwood

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Cupola's now infamous 'Under The Bed Sale' - call out for work. It is important that artists understand this is NOT an exhibition - it is a SALE. Work is unselected. ALL WORK SUBMITTED WILL BE ACCEPTED* *We reserve the right to not display work that might cause offence. As long as the pieces sent to Cupola are original - not reproductions form unique works - then they will be part of the sale.

Cupola's Under The Bed Sale is the most popular event of the gallery calendar. It brings hundreds of people to the gallery, many of whom are visiting for the first time, to see if they can find a bargain!

The concept behind this event came about many years ago when an artist friend of mine invited me to her house and pulled out rather a lot of work from, quite literally,  under her bed. When I asked if she would show it, she replied that she wouldn't because it was old and out of date work. However she also said she didn't want to throw it away. 

When I asked her if she would sell it, she, unsuprisingly said, "of course!" This was how the sale was born.  This is an opportunity for artists to put older and out of date work on sale at bargain prices. Work does not need to be either framed or mounted, although that is, of course, fine too.

Sketch book work is fine, old life drawings, samples, tests, macquettes, slight seconds, misaligned prints, work that's currently stored in the garage, hidden in the attic, stored at your mum's, etc.Paper work for the Sale can be downloaded here http://www.cupolagallery.com/events/2020/1/11/under-the-bed-sale

If work has ever been on sale we request that it be priced at least half its original selling price. This is a sale. We want this to be an opportunity to clear out older work to make way for new creativity and maybe a bit more space! There is a maximum retail price of £350 and any work larger than 1mx1m, please contact the gallery so we can decide how many we can accept. There is a maximum number of works per artist:

  • 100 x unframed (mounted or unmounted)
  • 20 x framed (please call if any are larger than 1mx1m in any direction)
  • 50 x 3D pieces (please call if any are larger than 1mx1m in any direction)

All work needs to come labelled with the artists name or code (including the artist's initials) the retail price and title if relevant.  A delivery/consignment note needs to be delivered with the work that lists all items delivered with the artists full contact details including a phone number and the retail prices.

The retail price is worked out as follows:

wholesale/artist's price x 2.2= retail including VAT which the gallery has to charge.

EG: £10 x 2.2=£22 retail (£10 for the artist, £10 for the gallery and the VAT gets £2).

It is essential that artists understand that the work is delivered to the sale entirely at their own risk. Although the gallery will do all it can to keep work safe, due to the sheer number of pieces we get, occasionally accidents happen and the gallery does not accept liability for any work damaged or lost in this sale. Also the artist is responsible for transporting the work to and from the gallery.  If any sale work remains uncollected one month after the end of the sale (March 7 2019) it will be disposed of/given away to charity.  If you are happy to offer any unsold work up for a charity auction on the last day (or at a future point) please make a note on your paperwork.

Work needs to be delivered no later than 8 January. Although we may accept work throughout the period of sale by arrangement. Work can be sent through the post.


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