Joana Alarcão

Insights of an Eco Artist documents the impact and correlation art interventions have on social, political and environmental global contemporary atmospheres by the investigation and research of artistic projects, artist-led coops and activist groups that dedicate their practices to build a discourse around current global affairs.

​Established in 2020, the online magazine and the podcast, of the same name, were founded with the aim to develop a hub of creative and political discourse without the pressures of governmental organizations. Since then we have interviewed multiple artists and projects that focus on global social-political atmospheres and environmental conservation both in a written and audio/podcast format. 

​Insights of an Eco Artist is now also composed of a print issue with the general theme of non - violent social political and ecological art intervention, where you can see studio art-led research done by several artists across the globe, critical research around art, culture, politics and sustainability and several features on organizations and activists groups.

We invite you to join us as we dive into the unknown, explore the depths of eco art, and discover how art has the power to breed change.

​We are always open to a wide variety of voices, opinions and perspectives, and welcome contributions from anyone who is interested in being part of the conversation.



Joana Alarcão

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Current opportunities

  • Voices of Dissent-Art and Politics - Artist Interview

    Deadline: 14/06/2023  |  Country: Portugal  |  Joana Alarcão

    Insights of an Eco Artist is seeking artists who create work with political themes for our upcoming interview series, "Voices of Dissent - Art and Politics." We are interested in featuring artists who use their work as a platform for social and political commentary and who are committed to promoting change through art

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