Submission Forms Made Simple

In this tutorial, we will explain how to create submission forms in more detail. You will learn how to choose and customise your own forms, which detail and data type to select and how this can help with managing the submission and selection process.

We have created a number of template forms based on the most popular types of opportunities. These forms can be edited to suit your specific needs. You can change the order of details and delete or add information as necessary. You can also create a custom form and add your own form fields.

To build your own submission form, follow these steps:

1. Choose 'Custom form' from the options of popular submission forms. There is no need to change the name of the form.

2. Click on 'Add a new detail', and a pop-up window called 'Create new form detail' will appear.

3. Click on 'Select form detail'.

4. You can either start typing one of the words listed below into the box with the blue border and then click on the corresponding word, or scroll down until you find the right one.

5. Click on the word, tick the box if this information is required, and then click 'Add detail'.

6. If you can't find anything suitable, just click 'Custom form detail' to create your own.

7. Finally, if you click 'Preview form' you'll see an example of how your form will look to artists.


A form detail refers to a piece of information you would like to receive from the artist, such as their name, email address, or website. In the prepared forms, one line will be dark blue and the other orange, signifying the submission heading and main description.

Making a detail the heading (which appears in dark blue) will ensure that the most important information you requested is the heading of the artist's submission. Be sure to click required for the title of the submission form.

If you are asking artists to make multiple submissions to the same opportunity, it would make sense for the title of the work to be the main heading so that you can refer to the specific artwork submission when communicating with the artist. 

Multiple types of files in one submission form

In certain cases, you may want to ask for different kinds of work requiring different file types, for example, poetry (Word/PDF), audio/video work (URL), and visual art (JPG/PNG). It is possible to collect these within a single submission form.

Please note. We cannot store audio or video files, so we suggest adding a form detail for a link to an online folder or audio/video streaming platform where the work is hosted.

To make sure that artists can submit the correct file type, make sure that this is selected when creating the form detail. Just click on the data type dropdown and select the most appropriate option. Some of the template forms have details which are uneditable so if you need to change these, you can just delete the form detail and recreate it as a custom field.

There is currently a maximum size limit of 4MB for image files so we would suggest adding this information to the description box. If you require print ready images, you can ask for these after artists have been chosen and they can email you with these directly. 

Requesting more than one artwork in a single submission form

If you want artists to submit more than one artwork, we recommend selecting 'Artworks (with additional details)' as the data type. This enables you to collect information such as title, media, etc which wil be shown alongside the image. Some of the details are pre-selected, but you can customise them according to your requirements.

Remember to update the default number from '1' as needed. You can request up to 12 images at a time.

Please note. All selected details in the Artworks section are set to required. If you would prefer some of them to be optional, eg. a link/URL to an online video, you can specify this in the description. See below.

Additional tips

You can download submissions in PDF or Excel format after the opportunity deadline.

Your opportunity will be moderated within three working days after you click 'Publish', so if there are any issues with the form, we can still get in touch with you to help you update it.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to email us at

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