Creating your artist profile

With an artist profile on CuratorSpace you can tell people about your practice, show your work (and even tell people how to purchase it), as well as giving information on your previous projects.

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New tagging functionality helps you organise your submissions

We’ve added a new piece of functionality to the submissions management that allows you to tag each submission with specific keywords. In this way you can mark a submission as "shortlisted", "paid", "received" or anything else you require.

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New media manager from CuratorSpace

Managing images can be a challenge; whether making sure you have the right images in the right place, resizing, cropping and attaching them to your submission. The new media management tool from CuratorSpace makes this a lot easier, and this tutorial takes you through the basics of how to upload and attach images and files to your submissions or opportunities.

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Manage your opportunity submissions

Creating your opportunity and sharing it through your email and social networks are only the first steps in organising your event. The real work starts after this; collecting, collating, managing, and responding to all of the submissions you receive. The administration involved in this can be arduous to say the least. But don’t worry; CuratorSpace has been designed to give you an easy and intuitive way to organise your opportunity submissions.

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Creating a new opportunity

Do you have an event, exhibition or other type of opportunity coming up? Then take a look at our step-by-step tutorial on how to create an online opportunity form that will make managing your submissions so much easier.

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Not another listings site

CuratorSpace isn't another listings website; it's a place where curators and organisers can use custom online forms to allow artists to apply to their opportunity. It also allows you to see and manage all submissions made to your opportunity on the website, and to contact contributors directly.

Register now and you can start making submissions and even create your first opportunity for free.